A Super Cool Blog

I’m thinking that I may have an addictive personality. There are some things that I can’t get enough of, no matter what! I love chocolate, watching Law and Order, rearranging my fabric stash just so I can touch and admire it, AND I love looking at crafty blogs. I have a whole bunch that I check on a daily basis and I am constantly adding new blogs to my bookmarks.

Crazy Mom Quilts- 2008

Crazy Mom Quilts- 2008

Topping my favorite blogs is Crazy Mom Quilts. She is so inspiring!!! Her quilts are beautiful, her posts are informative, and she’s always good about keeping her blog updated. My secret dream is to be her!!!

Most recently I’ve been inspired by her round up of all that she has produced in 2008. It’s insanity—34 quilts!!! I can’t say that I ever plan to accomplish as much as she does but I do hope to increase my quilting output.

Anyway, I love you Crazy Mom Quilts!!!!

P.S. I’m proud of myself for meeting my goal for weekly blog posts this week!!!  Yea me!!!


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