Tutorial Tuesday

Purl Frog made by losabia

Purl Frog made by losabia

It is my intention to eventually have tutorials of things that I make to show off, and to of course show them off on Tuesdays because I like having post titles with alliteration! Honestly, who wouldn’t?

Since I don’t really have any tutorials to speak of yet, I figure that for the time being I’ll feature some other people’s nifty tutorials which can be an inspiration to both you and me!!!

This is a tutorial that I have actually used previously. Now, a good blogger would at the very least have a picture of the finished product—sadly I have not reached that point yet. I tend to make things at the last minute and then forget to take a picture before I give my creation away.

Another froggy!  By krommama

Another froggy! By krommama

Anyway…the tutorial—the Purl Frog. This is the cutest thing and is super simple to make and very easy to customize. I have plans to make more in the future and this time I promise to take a picture and of course post it here!!! While you wait for me to get my act together, check out the flickr group for all kinds of great pictures of cute little Purl Frogs!!!


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