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Hopscotch House Quilt by Tree Fall

Hopscotch House Quilt by Tree Fall

As I mentioned before I’m a high school social studies teacher. I teach US History (my favorite) and Psychology. In Psychology we talk a lot about the influence our parents have in our lives by modeling behaviors and the values they deem important.

I think of my blog as a child—possibly an infant—who is just learning its way in the world. My baby blog looks to the established adult blogs for guidance. What balance of crafts should I be talking about? How much should I talk about my personal life? Are politics off limits? Would it be wrong to proclaim my everlasting love of Colin Firth?

Pillow by Tree Fall

Pillow by Tree Fall

One of the blogs that I love and know that I can always look to as an example of general awesomeness is Tree Fall. Manda lives in the UK and is big into sewing and quilting. I love her style of crafts but I also love her writing. She good about giving the readers a flavor of her life without giving too much info to induce stalking but she does talk about some pretty heavy stuff. If you haven’t read her blog before than I suggest you go back about a year or so. All I can say is that you know you’re hooked when you’re checking a blog daily (sometimes more than daily) to see how someone is doing.

Patchwork Croc by Tree Fall

Patchwork Croc by Tree Fall

Anyway, if you like pretty sewing, great pictures, and inspiring writing than check out Tree Fall and add it to your blog reading to do list.


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