Scrapbooking Mania – Part 1

When you have a busy life like mine, and busy friends like mine, you have to schedule your time together. This Saturday I will be scrapbooking all day with my 2 BFFs and I have been waiting for this day to happen for years!!! It’s very rare for me to get the opportunity to be crafty with others and I am super, mega, captain crazy, excited to be getting to hang with my friends and scrapbook!!!!!!

Mini Album from ScrappyShackLori on Flickr

Mini Album from ScrappyShackLori on Flickr

I am a teacher by trade and I tend to find that I am a teacher in other aspects of my life as well. I have tried to teach my friend Suzanne to knit and scrapbook previously and it hasn’t really stuck but now that she is expecting baby #2 she’s a lot more willing to learn. Cathy hasn’t really tried to scrapbook before but she is a very eager student and has been preparing diligently for our little get-together for weeks.

Just in case you are new to scrapbooking too, or you’ve thought about starting and were generally overwhelmed, I have a few helpful hints that I have passed along to my friends as well.

St. Thomas V.I. by serdir on Flickr

St. Thomas V.I. by serdir on Flickr

1.  Take Pictures!!!!

  • Once you’ve taken pictures, be sure to download them on to your computer ASAP
  • Even if you can’t edit (crop, remove red-eye, ect.) right away, label pictures so that you can remember what you were taking a picture of
  • Select pictures
  • Choose the pictures you would like to put into your scrapbook
  • You don’t have to do this all at once; you can choose pictures that go with a certain date range, event, or theme
  • Be sure to get at least a few pictures that are not the standard 4×6 size so that you can have a focal picture for a page or get wallets so that you can do a “photo booth” effect on your page
  • Think about trying out different filters, black & white, or crops; if you don’t end up using those photos in your scrapbook you may find another place to use them in the future

2.  Plan pages 1

  • Decide generally which pictures will be able to go on a page together
  • Think about whether or not a two-page spread would work for your topic/event
  • Keep photos separated based on page in either an envelope, photo organizer, or even in your refill 12×12 packages. This will be helpful in case you have to stop here; you’ll have it organized for when you pick it up again later .  ***Don’t store photos in a zip lock bag—it is not archival safe
Die Cuts with a View from

Die Cuts with a View from

3.  Plan pages 2

  • Select paper for layouts
  • Look at the photos you choose for a certain page. If there is a color that someone is wearing, choose a paper that will complement the photo. If there is a theme like camping, choose papers that have outdoor themes or colors.
  • Select several papers as background possibilities so that if you come back later you can choose something different if you’ve changed your mind OR so that you can cut one of the background papers to use as a photo mat, journaling, or a title
  • If you have other paper, stickers, or anything else you think will go well on the page put that aside for the layout also.
  • You can keep the photos, paper, stickers, etc. in your refill plastic so that if you step away for a while it’s all ready when you are.

In my next post I’ll show you more about laying out pages and also discuss supplies for scrapbooking. Did I mention that I am super excited?

*P.S. I’m still working on the taking pictures thing and I promise that I’ll have some of my own pix really soon!


One response to “Scrapbooking Mania – Part 1

  1. Have fun Scrapbooking! Dont forget to take lots of pictures of all the fun! 🙂

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