A Super Cool Blog

I’m thinking that I may have an addictive personality. There are some things that I can’t get enough of, no matter what! I love chocolate, watching Law and Order, rearranging my fabric stash just so I can touch and admire it, AND I love looking at crafty blogs. I have a whole bunch that I check on a daily basis and I am constantly adding new blogs to my bookmarks.

Crazy Mom Quilts- 2008

Crazy Mom Quilts- 2008

Topping my favorite blogs is Crazy Mom Quilts. She is so inspiring!!! Her quilts are beautiful, her posts are informative, and she’s always good about keeping her blog updated. My secret dream is to be her!!!

Most recently I’ve been inspired by her round up of all that she has produced in 2008. It’s insanity—34 quilts!!! I can’t say that I ever plan to accomplish as much as she does but I do hope to increase my quilting output.

Anyway, I love you Crazy Mom Quilts!!!!

P.S. I’m proud of myself for meeting my goal for weekly blog posts this week!!!  Yea me!!!


Fight Back Against the Economy

Credit Crunch Sampler by bugsandfish by lupin (flickr)

Credit Crunch Sampler by bugsandfish by lupin (flickr)

I just thought this is awesome!  From Craftzine.

Christmas Revisited

So as you may have guessed, I like to make things—hence the whole crafty blog thing. I tend to have success in some of my crafty pursuits more than others. For example, I am really pretty good at scrapbooking, if I do say so myself!!! I’ll have to add some pictures at some point of a scrapbook I did for my friend of her daughter’s first year. Sewing, well I’m certainly getting better at it. I’ve made several quilts and each one is better than the last. Again, I’ll be showing pictures as time goes on.

Skinny Scarf

Skinny Scarf

But—knitting, oh, knitting. I have a laundry list of mistakes that I’ve made with my knitting. I have several projects that I have had to constantly rip out and start over and over. I’ve also had several projects that I finished whose mistakes are the stuff of legends.

Several years ago I decided to make my mother-in-law a “skinny” scarf that she could wear to work. I was still new to knitting and I’m thinking that I may have been on some sort of mind altering drugs as well. Anyway, what I did was use two circular needles to knit this scarf. I knew it was taking me a long time and a heck of a lot of yarn but it just didn’t seem like it was a very long scarf. I was knitting it lengthwise rather than widthwise and I just kept scrunching the work onto the needles. Long story short, I knit a 40 foot scarf!!!!


I gave her the scarf for Christmas several years ago and we all laughed. I even brought it in to school to show my students and was able to wrap it around all of the students in my class. Then my procrastination kicked in and I didn’t work on fixing the scarf again until this past summer. What I did was cut the scarf into several segments. I gave two skinny scarf segments to my sister-in-laws this Christmas. For my mother-in-law I took two segments and stitched them together on the diagonal. I think that it looks really good and she was happy with the result.

Skinny Scarf - Not so skinny anymore

Skinny Scarf - Not so skinny anymore

Don’t worry, I’ll have a bunch of posts in the future featuring my other crafting mishaps!!!

Speaking of a New Year…

Hop, Skip, Jump

As you and I are beginning our acquaintance there is something that I must confess from the very start – I am a list maker! I love making lists! To do lists, lists of life goals, lists of potential child names years before I plan to have a child, lists of places I want to go, lists of movies I’ve seen—whatever the topic. I like lists. There’s actually a psychological principle to it that if you set down your goals on paper you’re more likely to accomplish them because you feel you made a commitment. Seriously! It’s like you’ve now created a contract with yourself to get something done because now it’s in writing.

That being said, in addition to being a list maker I’m also a procrastinator. I have great ideas for stuff but then I either over think the whole thing or get overwhelmed about the process and thus don’t even bother to get started. So, I think that I will set myself up with some goals and hold myself accountable on this here blog. Another blog that does a very similar thing (as far as making a crafty list) is Skein. I figure that I’ll try to be like her and set up monthly crafting goals rather than set down the whole gauntlet to try to avoid that whole “oh my God, I can never do all of this” voice in my head.

So, without further ado:

January Goals:

  • Fix Laura’s knit purse (I’ll be chatting about this more in the future)
  • Finish quilting and bind my Hop, Skip, Jump Quilt (pictured above)
  • Continue organizing my craft area
  • Knit 1-2 pair of fingerless gloves
  • Keep up on my blog!!! Hopefully 3-5 posts per week.


How much do you love New Year’s resolutions? I’m not sure that I am so much of a fan mostly because when I look back on what I wanted to accomplish during the past year I never seem to meet my goals. One goal that I’ve had for several years is to start my very own crafty blog. I again repeated the process of looking back at what I wanted to accomplish in 2008 and saw it was still there, unfulfilled.

So, instead of just putting it on my to do list for another year I did something uncharacteristic—I did it!!!! I have to tell you, the name was the thing killing me for a long time. I wanted to incorporate one or several of the following of my characteristics: my name (Dawn- sort of different), the fact that I’m a redhead, the fact that I’m a lefty. Finally I just got over it and chose Ginger — for the hair color, and Daisy — because I like daisies and it just sounds pretty!

So here I go, I have a blog. Now I just have to keep it up!